We help business professionals who want to achieve professional excellence by providing them with the necessary tools and skills to function efficiently and build a successful career. Whether you are a professional executive, or a student, we can help you to boost your professional growth and development.

Mandarin Connection offers many courses for business professional and students, to improve their communication skills, business Chinese ability and business with experienced business Chinese trainers.

Lessons are delivered at our locations in Hong Kong and broadcast through online live lessons to participants around the world.

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Our trainers are expert trainers in the field. They have a wide range of business experience and are specially trained in our own successful methods. Our trainers have a deep understanding of our students’ professional needs and requirements and maintain the highest level of business ethics and training standards. We understand that small details, such as business etiquette, are as important as knowledge of the Chinese language and business knowledge. We also understand that our students need these for their professional development and growth, and we provide both to ensure their career development.


We welcome students around the world to apply to the 2023 – 2024 program. All application must be submitted through the online application form.

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“I have really enjoyed my time learning Mandarin with Mandarin Connection. Learning Mandarin is a real challenge and great exercise for my brain, but we also have fun and the lessons remain interesting. I have made a lot of progress to get to the intermediate level, from being a complete beginner and starting with nothing more than nihao! I still have a long way to go, but I know that if I just keep it up I will get there eventually.”

— Marc Parrott, Beginner Chinese Course

“China being one of the world’s largest economic powerhouses means that we are increasingly dealing with Mandarin-speaking clients on a day-to-day basis. I find this Mandarin course very helpful as it allows me to brush up on my Mandarin skills. Reading and discussion during class – which will be current affairs and legal-related topics. I find this interesting (and helpful) because it allows me to learn new Chinese vocabulary which will be relevant in conversations.”

— Ivan, Legal Chinese Course

“The trainer is enthusiastic, professional with both strong knowledge of Chinese language and excellent cross-cultural communications skills. The interactive training method and style of delivering the concept behind the culture help me learn faster and retain the meaning. I enjoyed the training program very much”

— Steve, Beginner Chinese Course

“Very useful in daily life, everything I learn in the class can be reused immediately. Very practical.”

— Laurent, Beginner Chinese Course

“The training method is interesting and the topics relevant for business person like myself. The training style is appropriate for someone like me who has limited time. Trainer is patient and knowledgeable and makes the lesson enjoyable”

— Paul, Beginner Chinese Course

“I found the legal Chinese course highly relevant to me and my job! I would recommend the course to my colleagues and friends.”

— Christina, Legal Chinese Course

“I had much enjoyed the business Chinese course. The trainer understand my interest and what I need to advance my Chinese.”

— Kristie, Business Chinese Course

“I enjoyed the interaction with trainer to understand more business and living routines of local Chinese community in PRC. The course provide excellent opportunity for me to continue brushing up my Mandarin speaking skills and keeping updated for of latest development and trends in PRC markets”

— On Wai, Banking and Finance Chinese Course