We work hard to ensure that our students enjoyed their Mandarin lessons at ifc Mandarin Connection. Take a look at what our students have to say about us.

My Business Mandarin improved the way I wanted, the location couldn’t be better.

CAROLINE | Oversea Chinese |investment bank

Very useful in daily life, everything I learn in the class can be reused immediately. Very practical.

LAURENT | French | luxury band

Funny class and not too laborious. I also like the flexibility in class timing.

ALEXA | FRENCH | luxury band

Extraordinary teachers – they understand my interests and what I need to advance my Mandarin, and they instructs in an engaging and thoughtful way.

Kristie | United States | Media

Before I came here I didn’t know anything about Mandarin, but after 6 months studying here my Mandarin has improved much quickly than I ever expected. I absolutely recommend it for new beginners.

Masako | Japan

I chose this course because I wanted to improve my business Mandarin and my colleagues recommended ifc Mandarin Connection to me.

Connie | Hong Kong | Lawyer

I enjoyed learning Business Mandarin here for the teacher not only teach me the proper words of Mandarin Chinese, but also about learning how Chinese people act and speak and think. It’s amazing and it really help me a lot in doing business in China.

Matthew | United States




怎料上司突然告訴我五個月後我就會外派到北京,負責一個項目! 我十分焦急,四出尋找提供普通話課程的機構。後來,我的同事介紹了ifc Mandarin Connection給我。



在準備去外派的五個月間,我每次也很期待我的普通話課! 現在我身在北京,發覺課程很實用,北京同事也誇我的普通話說得很好呢! 多謝Mandarin Connection的老師!

Alice 見習律師