1. Instructor and Teaching materials – Mandarin Connection Limited (“MC”) will provide one instructor per class.  In case of special circumstances, MC reserves the right to change the instructor of the course. Students are required to purchase learning materials.

  2. Each subscription plan for Tutor Course (TC) would include 8 online lessons per month. Each lessons runs 30 minutes. Lesson will be seen as being used even if student request to have lesson less than 30 minutes. Lesson (s) which have not used in a month cannot be accumulative , refunded or transferred to another person or transferred for other purposes. 

  3. Reservation, reschedule or cancellation – Student can make reservation of lesson through the online booking page. Lesson will be provided at the dates, times as per student’s reservation. Lesson booking can be changed within 48 hours before lesson start time through the online booking page. Lesson hours will be seen as being used if reschedule or cancellation is made less than 48 hours of booking start time.

  4. Monthly subscription fee – Subscription fee will be billed to your credit card monthly via paypal subscription. 

  5. Cancel subscription – You can cancel the subscription anytime at your paypal account if you wish to unsubscribe. If you cancel, you can keep using the membership until the next billing date. Or you can contact us to arrange cancellation of  subscription with 7 days prior notice. 

  6. Refund policy – All fees paid are not refundable or transferable to another person and may not be transferred for other purposes. 

  7. Public Holidays: There will be no class for all Public Holidays in Hong Kong.

  8. Copyrights – “Mandarin Connection Limited” assumes the right to take photos and videos during classes, seminar and workshops, and will use such photos for course and event promotion purpose without the prior consent from persons in the photos or video.
  9. Privacy and Personal Data – We collect, process, disclose, retain or use your Personal Data in accordance with our Privacy Statement which can be found at ifcmandarin.com (details)
  10. Mandarin Connection does not guarantee that the client will achieve any level of Mandarin language proficiency upon completion of the course. The client hereby waives any right to claim for reimbursement of any tuition payable to MC. MC shall only be obligated to provide lesson at the scheduled dates and times agreed with the client under this Agreement. 

Mandarin Connection reserves the right to make any alterations about the above class policy and regulations that are considered to be necessary without prior consultation.