The key to successful business relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. Mandarin Connection’s courses will help you make greater connections and more impact in business.

Mandarin Connection specializes in training expatriate executives and local staff from many multinational companies in Hong Kong since 1995.

We offer both Occupation-Specific Language Training, Cultural programs Orientation programs for expatriates for professionals as well as General and Business Chinese Language program for workplace. Our courses aim not only to teach proper speech, more importantly enable students to be able to communicate in Mandarin freely and effectively.

Excellent location

  • Lessons offered at Two IFC Central or at your office premises


Unique Method

  • Responsive to the particular needs of each student
  • Context-driven so that students are able to learn about Chinese Culture and Business etiquette while interacting in real life role playing
  • Dynamic, interactive and fun



  • Keeps the business executive’s schedule in mind
  • Classes may be offered at our IFC classroom or at your office



  • Allows a quick-start in actively speaking Mandarin in day to day interactions
  • Our teaching method is designed to help students achieve maximum retention of material learned


Proven Mandarin Training Quality