With over 1.4 billion native speakers in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and more, Mandarin Chinese is becoming one of the world’s most valuable languages, mainly when it comes to doing business. As more and more companies are looking to enhance the business Chinese skills of their employees through the introduction of in-house Chinese language training programs, we look at some of the ways you can make the most of the Chinese language training in your company.


1. Make Employees Aware of the Benefits

Before asking staff to commit to learn Chinese, make them aware of the potential benefits of knowing the language, from being better able to meet company objectives to advancing their careers and personal goals.

If employees need to be proficient in Chinese language to do their jobs or to get promoted, let them know exactly what that means, what their timeline is and how many hours they are expected to invest in the training. This would be communicated to the employees through informal seminar where you could also have the chance to inspire potential candidates, as well as brainstorm with them how best to conduct lessons. Set goals and make sure that they are made clear.

2. Knowing the language ability and the needs of your staff

Before you decide how you will direct your in-house language training, form a comprehensive picture of your staff and their current abilities. A short, no-pressure assessment could be invaluable in helping you structure lessons and divide staff into appropriate groups, while giving you an idea of the scale of the journey ahead.

Assessments can be written, verbal, or multiple-choice. If you are bringing in an external agency to train your staff, they will be able to advise you of the type of preliminary assessment most suitable to your needs.

Mandarin Connection offers FREE pre-assessment for our Mandarin Chinese courses for your professional teams of any size. Contact us for more information.

3. Offer Job-Specific Training

Make sure that course content is relevant to each learner’s professional role. Lessons and exercises that teach workplace etiquette, common business phrases and vocabulary, terminology and make use of role-playing to develop skills like writing emails and speaking on the phone will help candidates understand how their new language skills can be useful at work.

4. Structure Is Key

Think carefully about how the course is structured and paced. Receiving too much material at once can be overwhelming for anyone. Breaking the material up into manageable, bite-sized portions will help employees to stay motivated, and give both parties the opportunity to review which areas of study need the most attention.

If you intend to train multiple people, consider splitting staff into groups according to their language ability. Advanced learners studying alongside beginners in demotivating for everyone: higher-level students cannot progress fast enough; lower-level students feel out of their depth; and it’s difficult for the teacher to manage classroom expectations. Again, this is where an assessment, like our pre-assessment mentioned above, can help. So, assess your staff’s current language proficiency, divide them into groups according to ability, and then have the teacher train them with material appropriate to each group’s level.

5. How and when training will be delivery

Will the training be conducted face to face, virtually or hybrid mode? Modern tele conference technology making training for multiple locations possible. No matter how many different locations your new employees come from, they can attend the same sessions of training nowadays! This surely is more cost effective and helps employee to maintain learning while aboard or working from home. You may conduct a casual survey or brain storm the most preferable training time. 

Put all of these tips and get ready to meet your new, motivated, multilingual workforce: a crack team ready to take the Chinese business world! Contact Mandarin Connection today to arrange your in house corporate language training and get started on your employees’ language training! 


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