Chinese is becoming more and more popular; for businesses looking to tap into foreign markets, having some familiarity with the language of your target region and customer is an essential first step. Take a look at some of the fun and interesting facts about the learning Chinese language that you probably never knew!


Mandarin is one of the fastest-growing languages in the world. With nearly 1.2 billion native Mandarin speakers, Chinese claims roughly 14.4% of the world’s population, making it the most common native language.

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We realise that it isn’t always possible to join us at one of our locations, so we’re bringing the Chinese class online to you.ONLINE TUTOR COURSE is a personal Chinese training service offering by expert Business Chinese language trainers. Online business Chinese lesson – Learn Mandarin Chinese virtually with one of the experienced trainers. Our Online Tutor Course are entirely customised to your goals.The course is delivered in morning and evening sessions so you can choose which is the best option for your time zone. Our Chinese class online is for professionals who want excellent quality Mandarin Chinese language training without the need to travel.

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ifc Mandarin Connection is one of the top Chinese language training companies based in Hong Kong. Over the last 25 years, we’ve focused on providing the best business Chinese language training services. In addition to top-tier corporate language training, we offer a wide variety of business Chinese language courses from beginner to fully proficient students available at different times of the week, at our locations or your office premise or virtually. Whether you seek development opportunities in China or work with Chinese colleagues in the firm, we have the solution for you. Reach out to us today to arrange your class.

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