Here are some tips for planning your Private Mandarin Class.

  1. Fit sessions around  your daily routine – We’re more likely to form a habit if it slots into our daily routine. Private lessons helps you to fit your Mandarin class into your day. Perhaps you have a 30 minute commute every morning before work, coffee break or lunch time?
  2. Start with bite-sized chunks – starting small can help to build your confidence with ease. Take 30 minutes, constantly each day to focus on your new language and gradually build up as you grow your vocabulary. Our private lesson is designed to as short as 30 minutes per session which provides you a fun way to get to grips with Mandarin, and we understand the need for lessons to fit in with your busy schedule.
  3. Go for advice and help – There are so many places to go for advice and help (friends, colleagues, training department, chambers…..)we are always happy to share our experience for picking up Mandarin. Finding a right program, set your goal and plan for you can seem overwhelming.



Choose the Mandarin you want to learn. A One-to-One lesson is designed specifically for you. Set your own goals and your teacher will help you reach them.


A private lesson means personalised focus on you. You will receive your teacher’s undivided attention, plus guidance and feedback that is specific to you and your goals.

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