Learn Business Chinese – Authentic materials are any texts written by native Chinese speakers for native Chinese speakers. These can include language-based realia, such as signs, magazines, advertisements, and newspapers, or graphic and visual sources around which communicative activities can be built, such as maps, pictures, symbols, graphs, and charts .

As we know, textbook texts, which are fundamentally non-communicative, were written essentially to present language data rather than to convey information that’s why they tend to lack the discourse features of genuine text. Authentic material, on the other hand, gives learners a taste of ‘real’ language in use, and provides them with valid linguistic data, necessary to develop their communicative skills. If students are given only scripted material, they will learn an impoverished version of the language, and will find it hard to come to terms with genuine discourse when they are faced to learning and using Business Chinese.

The advantages of using authentic materials:

  • Authentic materials bring learners into direct contact with a reality level of Business Chinese.
  • Authentic materials drawn from periodicals are always up-to-date and constantly being updated.
  • Authentic materials from a particular source, such as The Financial Times, tend to work in consistent areas of language, so, after a while, students who practice reading The Financial Times will become experts in reading Chinese language business publications.
  • Authentic materials provide us with a source of up-to-date materials that can be directly relevant to business Chinese learners’ needs.


There are some important criteria for choosing an appropriate article we bear in mind in deciding the business Chinese course for different learners., they are as follows:

Choose authentic texts that are

  • context appropriate
  • fit the students’ linguistic level and interest


All our instructors are professional, qualified native-speakers. They have a wide range of business experience and are specially trained in our own successful methods.

They recognize that not all businesses are the same. So our courses are flexible enough to reflect the needs of participants.

Whatever your language or experience level, our objective is always the same: to give you the skills and confidence to use what you have learned immediately and effectively.

Choose the options best for you:

The key to successful business relationship is the ability to communicate effectively. Mandarin Connection’s courses will help you make greater connections and more impact in business.

Mandarin Connection specializes in training expatriate executives and local staff from many multinational companies in Hong Kong since 1995.

We offer both Occupation-Specific Language Training, as well as General and Business Chinese Language program for workplace. Our courses aim not only to teach proper speech, more importantly enable students to be able to communicate in Mandarin freely and effectively.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help on your Business Chinese training!

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