WHY BUSINESS CHINESE IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR CAREER – Are you looking for careers and business opportunities in Chinese speaking countries? If your answer is in the affirmative then you need business Chinese and here is why.

Business Chinese skills are vital for getting ahead in your career. If working effectively in a Chinese speaking environment is your goal, improving your business Chinese vocabulary and knowledge is a must. Generally, it will open many doors and bring new career opportunities.

There is a wide range of Chinese language courses available in the market. Most of them can help you improve your Chinese skills. However, business Chinese is a specialised part of Chinese focused on the corporate language that is most commonly used in business world. It’s part of the skill set for the Chinese business community.

Business Chinese courses include vocabulary and phrases used in business and professional setting, delivering presentations, giving opinions, negotiating, describing graphs and charts as well as conducting and taking part in meetings. Moreover, there are aspects of business Chinese related to teamwork, business travel, relationships building and preparing for a job interview.

Obviously, you can opt for specialised business Chinese courses that target specific areas such as law, finance, marketing and advertisement, luxury brand, medicine, etc. Most students choose to study a particular business field upon completion of a general business Chinese course.

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of learning business Chinese.

Learning business Chinese will help you to improve your existing Chinese skills as well as build up new knowledge. You will learn vocabulary and expressions, how to do other practical work-related tasks and, at the same time, you will have a chance to polish on your general Chinese including pronunciation. On top of that, you will become more confident when speaking Chinese due to practice and the interactive activities included in a business Chinese course. You will be able to hold a conversation on both general and business-related topics.

Know current news and trends

In business Chinese lessons you will frequently work with texts and articles from real-life newspapers and magazines (so-called authentic materials). In other words, you will have plenty of exposure to China news and trends in business. Moreover, some of your course activiteis might be connected with current news so you will always stay up-to-date, gain lots of general knowledge of China economy and even practice your analytical skills.

Understand how the business world works

China has been one of the great economic success stories of the past quarter of a century. It has earned a reputation for growth and opportunity in China has given it great appeal for business. Some of the most exciting activity has been centered in commercial hubs like Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong. There are business relations between companies from all over the world. While studying business Chinese you will learn how international companies collaborate with one another, how they do business and build professional relationships. Simultaneously, improving your business Chinese skills can have a great impact on your future career allowing you to advance faster than you’ve ever expected.

Get the job you want

Often times, a good level of business Chinese can help you get the job which you wouldn’t land without the knowledge of this Chinese language in business context. Nowadays it’s rather indispensable to be able to express yourself confidently on a variety of topics in business environment if your intention is to have an interesting and well-paid position in a multinational. Even smaller companies, more often than not, do business with their foreign partners and, consequently, require their employees to have the ability to communicate freely in Chinese.

It’s also easier to get promoted when you can take advantage over your colleagues or external candidates due to your business Chinese skills. If you can participate in business meeting and video conferences , give presentations, negotiate effectively, make phone calls and exchange correspondence in Chinese you stand a chance of being picked out for promotion before others in your department.

Sound more professional

Being able to use specialised vocabulary and phrases confidently and fluently will make you sound like a real expert and you will be treated more seriously in business.

As you can see, it’s crystal clear that if your aim is to excel at your job you need to place a lot of importance to perfecting your business Chinese skills. Don’t postpone it any longer and start as soon as you can. The results of your work will be more satisfying and you will finally achieve your professional goals. These could be anything from starting on your career path, looking for a promotion, pushing for a pay rise or simply feeling more confident in your role. Whatever your reasons may be, learning Business Chinese can contribute to your professional progress, not to mention being rewarding and enjoyable.

Study Business Chinese in Mandarin Connection

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