Learning Chinese for Business is obviously helpful for doing business in or with China, actually many people may think accomplishing Mandarin Chinese can be so difficult that many a learner has given up or just pondered whether it is worth it.

Consider that China is already the second greatest economic power in the world, which begs the question as to when learning Mandarin-Chinese will be mandatory for aspiring international business people worth their mettle. Let’s take a look at the benefits of learning Chinese (beyond China’s massive economy) to determine whether it pays to learn Mandarin-Chinese for business.

Mandarin is the Most Popular Language on Earth. Mandarin is the official language of the most populous country on Earth: China. That means Mandarin easily ranks as the most widely used language among native speakers. There are also millions of other native Chinese speakers living in Taiwan, Singapore and around the world, who use the language to conduct their regular business affairs. By learning Chinese, you will be able to communicate with more people in a work setting and daily life.

Stronger Relations. Developing a strong relationship with Chinese business partners usually precedes meeting at the official negotiating table, and is in many ways paramount to the deal itself. Learning to speak with Chinese business partners in their native tongue always imparts a special advantage to anyone willing to learn a language for the sake of business. It shows respect, and who wouldn’t appreciate that? Furthermore, foreigners who end up doing business with the Chinese may have a partner or translator who speaks the language, but relying on them too much can undermine crucial “bonding” experiences with important Chinese decision makers.

Catching Bad Translations. Knowing a bit of Mandarin in most cases won’t mean there isn’t going to be need for a translator, but it can help non-native speakers catch some mistakes during negotiations.

Getting Around Easier. American businessmen often make the mistake of believing that everyone in China learns English and that everything comes with an English translation. This might be somewhat true in tier 1 cities like Beijing and Shanghai, but more business opportunities are becoming available in tier 3 and 4 cities, where English is more of a rarity. Even with a translator, what business thought-leaders want someone to order everything for them, or even escort them to the public bathrooms at a tradeshow?

Being a premium in the marketplace. Multilingual employees are at a premium in the marketplace. You’re an appealing candidate for business and career opportunities when your C.V. says you know not only English but Mandarin as well. When hired, your ability to speak Mandarin will show your personal and professional value within the company. If you’re able to build rapport and negotiate with suppliers, manufacturers and/or customers in China, you are enhancing the company on a global scale.

Research shows that Mandarin, Polish and Spanish are the best languages for professionals to study. However, only one percent of adults that can hold a conversation in a second language speak Mandarin. This means that when you reference that you’re fluent in Mandarin on your C.V, potential employers will see you as an attractive candidate, particularly in the retail and manufacturing industries.

It’s possible. While so many people are scared to learn Mandarin because it seems like a hard language to learn, we promise you that it’s possible. We specialized in teaching business Mandarin to business professional since 1995. At ifc Mandarin Connection, we have different classes to better suit your needs. If you decide to study Mandarin with ifc Mandarin Connection, you will be given the best learning experience.

Do you learn Chinese for business or not? For business people currently living in China or those planning to spend a considerable amount of time working with the Chinese, it’s definitely worth it. For personal purposes of tourism, ex-pat retirement escape plans, making international friends, or just expanding your world view (imagine how much Chinese you would know if you spent the same time learning the language as you do reading the Economist), learning Mandarin is just as rewarding as mastering any other skill, and well worth the time spent. It all just depends on your goals.

Are you ready to start learning Mandarin Chinese with ifc Mandarin Connection? Contact us to start now!

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