Order drinks in mandarin – After a day’s of hard work, you probably want to find a pub and have some drinks with your friends. We are going to tell you how to order some drinks in Mandarin Chinese.

The word you must need to know in a pub is obviously alcohol, whether beer or wine. We have learnt “Beer 啤酒 píjiǔ ” yesterday, we are going to teach you a bit more today. If you want to say “I would like beer”, simply say“我要啤酒”! “我wǒ means “I”, “要 yào” means “want”. Combining “我wǒ , “要 yào” and “啤酒 píjiǔ”, you will got: “I want beer 我要啤酒”! It’s easy, right?

LISTEN “I want beer 我要啤酒” IN MANDARIN

Now you’ve ordered the beer, how to say “Cheers” in Mandarin? In China, instead of saying “Cheers”, there’s an equivalent, “干杯” Literally means “Dry cup”, meaning bottle up.



Now you see learning Mandarin Chinese can be so easy and fun! Come join us to learn Mandarin for business and have some fun!


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