Tony Nicholson fight against cov-19 – Many foreigners have been standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the Chinese people to combat the novel coronavirus. One of them is Tony Nicholson, a prominent star fitness coach and actor in China. He has decided to stay because China has been his home for 15 years and he wanted to find a way to help those who’re quarantined. He wants to do more to help others.

Tony Nicholson fight against cov-19
Tony Nicholson is a familiar face in China thanks to his regular TV appearances, roles in a number of action films and his fitness app, “Tony’s 8 Minutes”. Photo: Tony Nicholson

The Britain national is a popular fitness coach in China. His clients include celebrities and top business executives from China and across the world, such as SOHO Chairman Pan Shiyi, and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Tony said: “I have been here in China for 15 years, I came here for university, and I have my own health education company. When the epidemic started, many people left, and I decided to stay here with my mom, I want to find a way to help people through my method of health.” #Tony Nicholson fight against cov-19

Tony Nicholson fight against cov-19 – Tony is good at Ba Duan Jin, a traditional form of Chinese Qigong, or breathing exercises.

Nicholson with his fans in Beijing. Photo: Courtesy of Tony Nicholson

A video has gone viral on the internet, even doctors and patients in Wuhan have been practicing Ba Duan Jin.

Tony Nicholson fight against cov-19

Tony added that he saw people doing this in Wuhan after they recovered from the virus. “It makes me feel very strongly that being here in China is my life’s work.”

Tony created an app online, where people can follow fitness programs including Tony’s 8 Minutes, Ba Duan Jin, and meditation. The programs and videos are available in both English and Chinese. It helps people exercise anywhere and anytime to keep healthy and stay strong. 

Tony Nicholson fight against cov-19

Nicholson’s health app, “Tony’s 8 Minutes”. Photo: Tony Nicholson

“Tony is the best coach. He helps me stay energetic during the coronavirus situation. I started to practice on Tony’s app every day,” said Annabel, one of Tony’s top students.

Tony’s mother Beryl Nicholson is 60 years old and she is the Associate Principal of Primary of Keystone Academy, an international school in Beijing.

She has decided to remain in China with her son since the coronavirus outbreak, in order to help others maintain a balanced lifestyle.

Beryl said: “Each day I followed the exercises that Tony gives me to keep me healthy, because since the epidemic, Keystone Academy has been following an online program for all the children. And this is meant as a mind shift for parents, for staff and for the children of course. During that time, it’s not just about the epidemics, it’s also about your well-being, and keeping healthy during this difficult time.”

Like others, Tony is devastated by how the coronavirus has affected and even turned the lives of people upside down. But he says he’s truly inspired by how people in China have jointly and successfully worked together to tackle the epidemic.




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