We are happy to have Issac to share his successful story of learning Mandarin. Issac starts learning Legal Mandarin with us since he was a trainee associate from a international legal firm. Let’s hear what Issac have to share with us.

I want to offer some tips on the best and most efficient ways to learn Mandarin in a legal context, based on many years of my own experiences.

Before I started the one on one legal Mandarin course at ifc Mandarin Connection, I have already completed HSK4 and have studied for HSK5 in the past. I think my Mandarin is still not enough when it comes to daily business conversation, I need to meet Mandarin speaking clients regularly, making phone calls and having business meeting or pitching. I want to explain legal ideas and process with them in Mandarin and follow up on business deal….. I need to speak Mandarin more professionally and pick up more business vocabulary and legal terminology which simply a HSK textbook won’t help.

After spent time learning Mandarin on my own, I think it’s time to commit to regular, one-on-one classes with a professional Mandarin instructor. My Mandarin really started to take off with this personalized one on one Mandarin Course. In a 1-on-1 setting, all the focus is on you – improving your grammar, pronunciation, and tones. You are able to shape the curriculum so that it reflects only the vocabulary that is relevant (and immediately applicable) to your profession and interests. Most importantly, it’s the most efficient use of the time you have to study Mandarin Chinese – your teacher can answer your questions, correct your mistakes, and let you know right away if what you’re saying is what an actual Chinese would say.

Many of my friends or colleagues who have stopped learning Mandarin will tell you that it’s too difficult to learn. My answer to that is that Mandarin is actually very learnable if you use the correct methodology to do so and can bring you a sense of accomplishment, and the joy that comes from forming new relationships and friendships with people of a different culture. My Mandarin has improved a lot with this Leal Mandarin course and it helps me a lot in doing business with Mandarin speakers. Thank you ifc Mandarin Connection and I will recommend this course to anyone who are looking for a professional Mandarin teacher!

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